The International Optical Design Conference (IODC) occurs every 4
years and provides the opportunity for attendees from around the world
to interact in a structured and yet informal format. The IODC will
cover a wide range of applications and developments throughout the
industry, and the conference is co-located with two other timely
topical meetings: Optical Fabrication and Testing (OFT), and Freeform

During the past few years, many areas of optical design have seen
rapid development driven by a combination of increased demands on
system performance, significant advances in both computing power and
design software, and by new manufacturing technologies that offer
entirely new engineering options. With such an increase of activity
occurring throughout the optics industry, it becomes imperative for
designers, engineers, and scientists to keep up to date with the
latest state of the art. Keep in touch with news of IODC 2021 on this

IODC 2021 will be held 27 June – 1 July 2021 in Providence,
Rhode Island, USA. We expect it to be both on-line and in-person, but
if in-person meetings are still not possible, it will be on-line only.

Design problems for lens design and illumination design have been
presented in advance of the meeting so that attendee solutions can be
presented during one of the sessions (see tabs, above, for more

Meeting Registration

The Optical Society (OSA) will be the meeting manager. Hotel and
meeting registration will be posted at on the OSA website:

Conference Proceedings

IODC authors are expected to contribute to the Proceedings of the conference, which will be published in the SPIE Digital Library along with over 400,000 papers from other outstanding conferences and SPIE Journals and books from SPIE Press


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