2021 Illumination Design Problem – FAQ

The Curse of Prince Lambert

Frequently Asked Questions and Problem Clarifications

Q. What should I do if my software does not support tm25?

A. Please contact your vendor and ask them to contact the illumination guild (illuminationguild@iodc.org).  The guild will work with the vendor to provide a file that you can use.
Q. Why do the Duke Radiance files use exiting rays that vary from 500 to 700 nm?

A. The story uses blue rays, but wavelength does not matter for solving the problem. In the text files, wavelength was incremented by 0.01 for each ray (e.g., 500.01, 500.02, 500.03, … 700.00). That was done so that you can compare the wavelength of the rays to verify that you are comparing the same ray from the two files.

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